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Great iPhone Apps for Kids: Free or US$1

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

 iPhone Games: Crazy Snowboard!Here’s a list of free apps that our kids (ages 4, 6, 8 and 10) have enjoyed:

These ones are a bit harder, but very well done:

… and if you are feeling rich this casino review:

iSnowboard for iPhone from (using Unity 3D)

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

iSnowboard is going to be our first 3D iPhone game. We are using Unity 3D for all the development. This demo is a bit of a fake, but we are hoping that the final version will have a similar look and feel. The demo was created by recording the game video from Unity on a Mac and then converting and transferring to an iPhone. Then I just tilted the phone to match the video, and there you have it! The game meets technical requirements for Unity for iPhone, the max poly count for any frame is less than 6000, and we have tried to minimize the use of built-in physics. Hopefully when it is all done we will see similar performance and frame rates on the iPhone, but we’ll have to wait until Oct 22nd to find out (when Unity officially releases ‘save as iPhone app’) — unless of course the Unity guys want to send us a beta build so we can release this game earlier!!For more information contact us at out for “iSnowboard” in the iPhone App Store in November 2008! In the meantime check out our Crazy apps like “Crazy Lighter”, “Crazy Dummy”, and “Crazy Mouth”. Here’s our app store page: